YWCA Aurora 2018-2019 Scholarships

The YWCA Aurora has two scholarship opportunities available!

The YWCA Aurora has two scholarship opportunities:  The YWCA Aurora Dr. Rebecca Sherrick Scholarship and the YWCA Aurora Dr. Christine Sobek Scholarship. We have named these scholarships after two amazing women who are devoted to empowering women leaders and are passionate about community outreach.  Their legacies are to be admired and emulated, and the YWCA Aurora is honored to memorialize their legacies by providing these Scholarships. 

Dr. Rebecca Sherrick is the current president of Aurora University. She is active in a wide range of professional and civic organizations. Dr. Sherrick’s collaborative spirit and community focus is epitomized in the creation of the STEM school, as well as after school programs that provide working mothers the assurance their kids are safe, and learning, while they complete their work days. Dr. Sherrick has been a dear friend and continuing partner with the YWCA Aurora. She is always willing to provide insight and inspiration to our developing programs and initiatives. The YWCA Aurora Dr. Rebecca Sherrick Scholarship will be awarded to one student at Aurora University.  Thank you, Dr. Sherrick.

Dr. Christine J. Sobek is the current president of Waubonsee Community College. She has an enduring commitment to developing programs that are build our community, including the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology. Dr. Sobek’s belief that “strong communities start with an educated workforce” has guided the development of the Communities in Excellence program, which encourages creating collaboration that starts in the classroom and extends into the community. Dr. Sobek is a strong female leader dedicated to providing outstanding educational opportunities and serves as a role model for Aurora women. The YWCA Aurora Dr. Christine Sobek Scholarship will be awarded to one student at Waubonsee Community College.  Thank you, Dr. Sobek.


These two outstanding women leaders represent the community enrichment and women’s empowerment the YWCA Aurora promotes. It is with great honor that we provide these named scholarships to future Aurora University and Waubonsee Community College students who exemplify the YWCA Aurora mission and who further the Aurora community. The awards will be provided annually, as our funds allow; we will seek to endow this fund over time. 

Criteria and Applications can be found here.

For further information, please contact Regina Pohlschmidt at 630-299-2282 or